Oxylight Facial



N4 MedSpa’s cutting edge treatment The Oxylight utilizes LED light, high pressure oxygen and negative pressure therapy systems.

Concerns addressed by the 90-minute treatment include

  • fine lines,
  • wrinkles,
  • acne, scars,
  • hyper pigmentation,
  • enlarged pores,
  • sagging skin and other signs of ageing.


DIAMOND DERMABRASION utilizes a diamond tip device with adjustable suction mechanism that smoothly glides over the skin to deeply exfoliate the epidermis and sweep away dead skin cells.


LYMPHATIC CLEANSING is then administered to drain the body of toxins while simultaneously strengthening tissue function, promoting blood circulation and improving appearance of cellulite especially on the neck area.


HIGH PRESSURE OXYGEN SPRAY is used following the application of anti-ageing and moisturizing serum. This device aids bring oxygen to the deepest layers of skin. As a result, cells are activated, blood is stimulated for better circulation and skin is thoroughly hydrated. This process also kills the deep seated bacteria on the skin.


A BIOSONIX ULTRASOUND helps skin to deep absorb minerals and vitamins from the soothing serums applied onto the face. This step in the treatment utilizes spectrum LED light and ultrasound waves technology to help in the skin’s ability to absorb necessary nutrients to stay youthful and radiant.


Toning and firming of the face is done through MYOLIGHT MICROCURRENT. There is a prickling sensation on the face once the probe touches the skin surface, but it is still virtually painless compared to most contouring procedures. This treatment helps emphasize the natural contours of the face will also stimulating collagen production.


A FULL SPECTRUM LED PANEL is lit just above the entire facial area. This serves several functions to include: collage stimulation, minimized appearance of sun damage, reduced inflammation and overall improvement of complexion. The panel with emit a particular light depending on your skin's condition. This is followed by a cooling mask infused with various vitamins and nutrients to help further rejuvenate skin.

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